“MSBTE Syllabus and Notes: Comprehensive Guide 2 Computer Engineering Students”

MSBTE Syllabus and Notes

MSBTE Syllabus and Notes, The MSBTE K-Scheme syllabus for Computer Engineering offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to be more industry-oriented and aligned with current technological trends. It covers a range of subjects across its six semesters. Students can download MSBTE notes PDF, check their MSBTE results, access MSBTE syllabus details, and find MSBTE lab manuals to support their studies. Here’s an overview of the subjects offered in each semester based on the information provided: MSBTE Syllabus and Notes

First Semester (CO1K) MSBTE Syllabus and Notes

  1. Fundamentals of ICT (ICT-311001)
  2. Engineering Workshop (WPC-311002)
  3. Yoga and Meditation (YAM-311003)
  4. Engineering Graphics (EPG-311008)
  5. Basic Mathematics (BMS-311302)
  6. English (ENG-311303)
  7. Basic Science (BSC-311305)

Second Semester (CO2K)

  1. Linux Basics (BLP-312001)
  2. Professional Communication (PCO-312002)
  3. Social and Life Skills (SFS-312003)
  4. Web Page Designing (WPD-312004)
  5. Applied Mathematics (AMS-312301)
  6. Basic Electrical and Electronic (BEE-312302)
  7. Programming in ā€˜Cā€™ (PIC-312303)

Third Semester (CO3K)

  1. Data Structure using ā€˜Cā€™ (DSU-313301)
  2. Database Management System (DMS-313302)
  3. Digital Techniques and Microprocessors (DTM-313303)
  4. Essence of the Indian Constitution (EIC-313304)
  5. Object-Oriented Programming using C++ (OOP-313305)
  6. Computer Graphics (CGR-?)

Fourth Semester (CO4K)

  1. Data Communication and Computer Networks (DCN-314301)
  2. Environmental Education and Sustainability (EES-314302)
  3. Java Programming (JPR-314303)
  4. Operating System (OSY-314304)
  5. GUI Application Development using VB.net (GUI-?)
  6. Python Programming (PWP-314002)

Fifth Semester (CO5K)

  1. Advanced Java Programming (AJP-?)
  2. Software Testing (STE-314335)
  3. Entrepreneurship Development and Startups (EDS-315302)
  4. Seminar and Project Initiation Course (SPI-315002)
  5. Internship (ITR-315001)
  6. Cloud Computing (CLC-?)
  7. Advanced Computer Network (ACN-315304)
  8. Client Side Scripting (CSS-315306)

Sixth Semester (CO6K)

  1. Emerging Trends in Computer and IT (ETI-316301)
  2. Management (MAN-316302)
  3. Software Engineering (?)
  4. Network and Information Security (NIS-316002)
  5. Capstone Project (CPE-316001)
  6. Artificial Intelligence (AIN-316304) MSBTE Syllabus and Notes
  7. Network and Information Security (NIS-316305)
  8. Web-Based Application Development using PHP (WBP-316306)

In addition to these core subjects, students may have the option to choose electives based on the offerings at their respective colleges or institutes. This syllabus aims to equip students with essential knowledge and skills required for a career in computer engineering. MSBTE Syllabus and Notes

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